Specialising in the purchase & renovation of residential property .

Purchase & renovate residential property to resell / rent on the open market.Vanguard Villatek established 2002

Property Refurbishment, Renovation & Rentals

Vanguard Villatek specialise in the purchase of residential property for refurbishment / renovation purposes. After a project has been completed, our aim is to resell (or rent) the property on the open market.

The main criteria that must be met before we consider a purchase is that the property must be desirable and it must be located in a good residential area.

We normally purchase suitable properties from Estate Agents or Auction Houses, however we would also consider purchasing directly from individuals who are keen to sell their property quickly in order to avoid the stress or delay associated with selling on the open market.

We generally hire or contract with other companies and professionals (eg builder / surveyor / architect etc) for each service as required.

Our normal policy is that if we purchase a property through an estate agent, then the refurbished property will be resold through the same estate agent.

We are always keen to hear from individuals or companies who can assist us in our goals and profit sharing can be negotiated as necessary if agreed by all parties

Please contact us if you require any information on our business or the services offered.